Affordable, fast, long-read sequencing
Certified by Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Whole Plasmid Sequencing for $15

  • Complete, accurate plasmid sequencing from 2.5 kb to 300 kb
  • Each plasmid is fully sequenced by long reads to high consensus accuracy
  • Results returned within one day

Save months or years of wasted effort working on the wrong plasmid!

See the complete picture

We generate a plasmid map for each sample with pLannotate

sample pLannotate map

Find out what's in there

We return a histogram showing the lengths of all the species in your plasmid sample

good histogram

Fig1. A histogram with one dominant peak typically indicates a clean prep with a single plasmid.
good histogram

Fig2. A histogram with multiple peaks indicates unexpected products, deletions, recombinations, or concatemers

Bacterial Genome

bacteria illusration

We sequence bacterial genomes up to 12 Mb with long sequencing reads and return an assembly with annotations.

From $90/sample, 1-2 days


linear DNA illusration

Long-read linear/amplicon sequencing from 600 bp to 125 kb.

From $15/sample, one day

Custom Project

custom project illusration

Libraries? Mixtures? Need lots of data? Email us to set up a custom project.

From $500, 1Gb data, 3-5 days