Shipping Instructions

Please make sure your samples EXACTLY MATCH the info entered in your order details. Discrepancies may delay or prevent sample processing.

Each order will be assigned a 3-character order code after your order has been confirmed through your plasmidsaurus account.

  • Write your order code on the 1st tube of each strip.
  • Write the strip number on the 2nd tube of each strip.
label demonstration demonstrated by the scary dinosaurs in the photo below:

label demonstration

  • If you’re sending a single sample in a single PCR tube, label with the 3-character order code only.
  • DO NOT label your tubes with sample names, sample numbers, or any other info! Improperly labeled samples may be discarded.
  • Samples should ONLY be sent in transparent, 96-well, PCR strip tubes (or single PCR tubes if shipping single samples) or 96-well PCR plates. Other type of tubes (1.5 mL, 0.5 mL, 384-well format, opaque, etc.) are not compatible with our rapid workflow and may be discarded.
    DO NOT use opaque sample tubes, which prevent the detection of leakage upon package receipt.
  • Label strip tubes clearly and legibly! Making sure your writing can be read easily helps us to verify against the paperwork much faster.
  • DO NOT ship any extra samples that are not listed in your order details. If you need to change the number of samples, please cancel your existing order and submit a new order before shipping.
  • DO NOT include any tubes that contain just water (no sample). Prepare strip tubes only with the sequencing samples that are listed in your order details.
  • DO NOT ship samples from multiple orders within the same tube strip. Please prepare each order in separate strips, each labeled with its own 3-digit order code.
  • DO NOT leave empty tubes in the middle of a strip. Please fill strip tubes with samples in a contiguous manner.
  • Array samples in COLUMNS, NOT ROWS in 96-well plates, as listed in your order details. plate arrangement demonstration

If sending PCR strip tubes or single PCR tubes: Click here for some good and bad packaging examples.

  • Ensure caps fit snugly and close them firmly.
  • Wrap caps in one light layer of parafilm to keep the caps closed.
  • Place the wrapped tubes into a small protective vessel (such as a Falcon tube or small box). Why?

If sending PCR plates:

  • Plates must be sealed extremely thoroughly to survive shipping without leaking -- sadly we receive a lot of leaky plates.
  • We recommend using a heat seal (rather than adhesive) or strip caps on top of the plate. Adhesive seal is NOT recommended, but if that's all you have available, click here for some examples.
  • Wrap each plate individually in bubble wrap or other packaging material to prevent cracking.

Room temperature shipping is fine, dry ice and cold packs are not necessary.

Make sure to include a copy of the order confirmation received upon submitting your order with your shipment.

You can choose to send us your order directly OR use one of our dropboxes:

  • Send order directly to us

    Samples should be sent via express courier (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) to the following address:

    1850 Millrace Drive, Suite 200
    Eugene, OR 97403
    Phone #: 541-514-0871
    Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM (PST)

    FedEx envelopes are an economical shipping option.

  • Use our dropbox

    Simply place your order in our dropbox and enjoy free overnight shipping!
    No shipping envelope required, just put your samples and info sheet in a bag or Falcon tube.
    Please go to the dropbox map below to find a plasmidsaurus dropbox near you.
    You can find information about dropbox pick-up times and locations on the map.

    Our dropboxes reduce our impact on the environment by combining samples from many researchers into a single shipment.
    If there is not a dropbox at your institution already, get in touch and we'll get one set up!