Shipping Instructions

Please make sure your samples EXACTLY MATCH the info entered in your order details. Discrepancies may delay or prevent sample processing.

Each order will be assigned a 3-character order code after your order has been confirmed through your plasmidsaurus account.

  • Write your order code on the 1st tube of each strip.
  • Write the strip number on the 2nd tube of each strip.
label demonstration demonstrated by the scary dinosaurs in the photo below:

label demonstration

  • If you’re sending a single sample in a single PCR tube, label with the 3-character order code only.
  • DO NOT label your tubes with sample names, sample numbers, or any other info! Improperly labeled samples may be discarded.
  • Samples should ONLY be sent in transparent, 96-well, PCR strip tubes (or single PCR tubes if shipping single samples) or 96-well PCR plates. Other type of tubes (1.5 mL, 0.5 mL, 384-well format, opaque, etc.) are not compatible with our rapid workflow and may be discarded.
    DO NOT use opaque sample tubes, which prevent the detection of leakage upon package receipt.
  • Label strip tubes clearly and legibly! Making sure your writing can be read easily helps us to verify against the paperwork much faster.
  • DO NOT ship any extra samples that are not listed in your order details. If you need to change the number of samples, please cancel your existing order and submit a new order before shipping.
  • DO NOT include any tubes that contain just water (no sample). Prepare strip tubes only with the sequencing samples that are listed in your order details.
  • DO NOT ship samples from multiple orders within the same tube strip. Please prepare each order in separate strips, each labeled with its own 3-digit order code.
  • DO NOT leave empty tubes in the middle of a strip. Please fill strip tubes with samples in a contiguous manner.
  • Array samples in COLUMNS, NOT ROWS in 96-well plates, as listed in your order details. plate arrangement demonstration

If sending PCR strip tubes or single PCR tubes: Click here for some good and bad packaging examples.

  • Ensure caps fit snugly and close them firmly.
  • Wrap caps in one light layer of parafilm to keep the caps closed.
  • Place the wrapped tubes into a small protective vessel (such as a Falcon tube). Why?

If sending PCR plates:

  • Plates must be sealed extremely thoroughly to survive shipping without leaking -- sadly we receive a lot of leaky plates.
  • We recommend using a heat seal (rather than adhesive) or strip caps on top of the plate. Adhesive seal is NOT recommended, but if that's all you have available, click here for some examples.
  • Wrap each plate individually in bubble wrap or other packaging material to prevent cracking.

Room temperature shipping is fine, dry ice and cold packs are not necessary.

Make sure to include a copy of the order confirmation received upon submitting your order with your shipment.

If you are sending samples from outside the US, please ensure any required forms are included with your shipment.

Please see the table below for shipping options based on service type:

Service BEST Shipping Option Turnaround Time with the BEST Shipping Option
(Results Delivered by)
Shipping Address
Whole Plasmid Sequencing
Linear/Amplicon Sequencing

Dropbox for free overnight shipping (on the day your local dropbox ships out) to Louisville lab


US customers can get a free or reduced-cost UPS label during order submission for overnight shipping to Louisville lab

NEXT MORNING Plasmidsaurus
4743 Poplar Level Road
Louisville, KY 40213
Phone #: 541-514-0871
Bacterial Genome Sequencing US customers can get a free or reduced-cost UPS label during order submission for overnight shipping to Eugene lab WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAY
(gDNA extraction service adds 1 week to turnaround time)
1850 Millrace Drive, Suite 200
Eugene, OR 97403
Phone #: 541-514-0871
CLICK HERE for more details & Alternative Shipping Options


Simply place your order in our dropbox and enjoy free overnight shipping! No shipping envelope required, just put your samples and order confirmation in a bag or Falcon tube.
Please go to the Dropbox Map or the Dropbox List below to find a plasmidsaurus dropbox near you. You can find information about dropbox pick-up times and locations on the map or from the list.

Our dropboxes reduce our impact on the environment by combining samples from many researchers into a single shipment.
If there is not a dropbox at your institution already, get in touch and we will get one set up!

List of Dropboxes

ID# Tracking Name Location Pick-up
Day & Time
City State/
1 Baylor College of Medicine - Jones Building Outside of Room 344E in the Jones Building at Baylor College of Medicine Daily 3 PM Houston TX US
2 Brigham Young University (BYU) C-100 BNSN Wednesday 3 PM Provo UT US
3 Brown University - Ship Street Outside room 243, 70 Ship Street Tuesday,Thursday 3 PM Providence RI US
4 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Shipping and receiving department Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4:45 PM Cold Spring Harbor NY US
5 Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab (JHU/APL) Between the two sets of doors in the South Entrance to Building 20, 11091 Johns Hopkins Rd Daily 1 PM Laurel MD US
6 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Front entrance, Ground Floor, Building 801, CSIRO Thursday 11 AM Canberra ACT Australia
7 Cemvita Factory Inside the main entrance of Cemvita (ring doorbell to be let in) Friday 5 PM Houston TX US
8 Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG) On the desk of the CRG reception floor 5th , green box (the name of Plasmidsaurus is on it) Wednesday 4 PM Barcelona Spain
9 Ghent University - VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology Reception at the main entrance of the VIB-Ugent building FSVM I Tuesday, Thursday 11 AM Zwijnaarde Belgium
10 Institut de Génétique Moléculaire de Montpellier (IGMM) Accueil CRBM IRIM IGMM, route de Mende campus Tuesday 12 PM Montpellier France
11 Institute for integrative biology of the cell (I2BC) - Université Paris-Saclay Building entrance, Bâtiment 26 2nd Monday of month 11:30 AM Gif-sur-Yvette France
12 Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus In the vestibule of the Maxine F. Singer Building Daily 3 PM Baltimore MD US
13 Lyon University ENS de LYON site MONOD, Maison du courrier, 9 rue Vercors Tuesday 3 PM Lyon LYON France
14 Michigan State University (MSU) - Biomedical and Physical Sciences (BPS) Outside 1104 BPS Friday 2:30 PM East Lansing MI US
15 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Mail drop area on the 4th floor (Bldg 101), between modules D and E, in front of elevators 5&6 Friday 1 PM Durham NC US
16 Newcastle University Catherine Cookson Building, Level 2, M2.024 Thursday 12:30 PM Newcastle-upon-Tyne UK
17 Ohio State University In the lobby of the Biomedical Research Tower BRT Tuesday 1 PM Columbus OH US
18 Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) - Vollum Institute 3rd floor of the Vollum Institute Building outside the Monk lab Monday, Wednesday 12 PM Portland OR US
19 Penn Medicine BRB building, first floor, 421 Curie Boulevard Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 PM Philadelphia PA US
20 Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Level 12 Research Reception Thursday 11 AM North Melbourne Victo Australia
21 Tel Aviv University School of Medicine building, 8th floor, left from the elevator, next to room 833 Thursday 10 AM Tel Aviv-Yafo Israel
22 University of Delaware Colburn Lab basement Wednesday 3 PM Newark DE US
23 University of Kansas Biostore, Haworth Hall Room 3027 Tuesday 9 AM Lawrence KS US
24 University of Michigan - Life Sciences Institute In the hallway next to mailroom 2452 Tuesday & Thursday 1 PM Ann Arbor MI US
25 University of Minnesota - St. Paul Gortner Laboratory, 1st floor printer room (Room 142) Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 PM St. Paul MN US
26 University of Minnesota - East Bank Campus Near the main info desk on the 3rd floor of Nils Hasselmo Hall Thursday 2 PM Minneapolis MN US
27 University of Pittsburgh - Biomedical Science Tower Department of Cell Biology Main Office, S362 Biomedical Science Tower (South) Wednesday 4 PM Pittsburgh PA US
28 University of Southern California (USC) Front door of Gerontology Building, 3715 McClintock Ave Wednesday 12 PM Los Angeles CA US
29 University of Utah - Emma Eccles Jones Medical Research Building Room 5110 (cold room), Department of Biochemistry, Emma Eccles Jones Medical Research Building Thursday 12 PM Salt Lake City UT US
30 Van Andel Institute - Grand Rapids Phase 1, Floor 4, Bay 4 Tuesday, Friday 2:30 PM Grand Rapids MI US
31 Victoria University of Wellington - Kelburn Campus On top of the shelves outside Laby Building 113 at the Kelburn Campus Thursday 9:30 AM Wellington New Zealand
32 Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) - Life Sciences and Bioengineering Center 4th floor lobby Thursday 10 AM Worcester MA US
33 Indiana University Simon Hall MSB1, room 003 Wednesday 12 PM Bloomington IN US
34 Institut Pasteur At the "Service Expéditions" on the ground floor of building 28 Tuesday, Thursday 2 PM Paris France
35 University of Illinois Outside of Room C107, Chemical and Life Sciences Laboratory (CLSL) Wednesday 2 PM Urbana IL US
36 University of Maryland, College Park - Plant Science Hall 2nd floor in the lobby of the plant science hall at 4291 Fieldhouse Dr Daily 1 PM College Park MD US
37 University College London (UCL) - Institute of Neurology Queen Square House, reception desk. Immediately at the main entrance of the building. Left side of t Daily 1 PM Queen Square UK
38 University of Colorado at Denver On the 4th floor of the Science Building (downtown campus) mounted on a wall outside of SI 4109 Wednesday 3 PM Denver CO US
39 National Center of Biotechnology (CNB-CSIC) In the reception of the Center Thursday 2 PM Madrid Spain
40 Princeton University - Institute of Molecular Biology In the hallway in Lewis Thomas Labs between rooms 352 and 353 (third floor, end of the building on W Tuesday 8 PM Princeton NJ US
41 San Diego State University (SDSU) Shiley BioScience Center at Admin Desk Wednesday 12 PM San Diego CA US
42 Stony Brook University Life Science Building, 4th floor, outside of Room 450A Thursday 4 PM Stony Brook NY US
43 University of Georgia Outside room A328 in the Davison Life Sciences Building Wednesday 4 PM Athens GA US
44 Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) - Technical University Delft (DTU) Service desk of building 58 (Applied Sciences south) Friday 11:30 AM Delft Netherlands
45 Texas A&M University (TAMU) - Department of Biology Biological Sciences Building East (BSBE), Room 316 Monday 11 AM College Station TX US
46 Universidad de Buenos Aires - IFIBYNE-UBA-CONICET Right next to the main entrance of the Pabellón IFIBYNE building Thursday 12 PM Buenos Aires Argentina
47 University of Florida, Wertheim Herbert Wertheim Laboratory for Engineering Excellence (HWLEE) Room 580 (5th floor west side labs) Tuesday 4 PM Gainesville FL US
48 Donald Danforth Plant Science Center Loading dock Daily 3 PM St. Louis MO US
49 University of Calgary Health Sciences Centre 2209 Wednesday 12 PM Calgary AB Canada
50 University of Louisville Outside the elevator on the 6th floor of the Clinical Translational Research Building (CTRB) Wednesday 2 PM Louisville KY US
51 British Columbia Cancer Research Centre (BCCRC) Shipping/Receiving bay, room B1.101 Thursday 10 AM Vancouver BC Canada
52 Erasmus University Medical Center In the coldroom in the Ee tower (Ee 964) Monday 3 PM Rotterdam Netherlands
53 University of Massachusetts (UMass) Chan Medical School - Albert Sherman Center Albert Sherman Center 5th floor mailroom, Room #: AS5.2057 on the main counter Wednesday 3 PM Worcester MA US
54 University of Pittsburgh - Rangos Researcher Center Rangos Research Center, Floor 7 Bay1 Thursday 3 PM Pittsburgh PA US
55 Washington State University - Eastlick Hall Eastlick Hall, Room G-81 Monday 11:30 AM Pullman WA US
56 Penn State College of Medicine Genome Sciences and Bioinformatics Facility Room C2705, right beside the sample drop off freezer Tuesday 3 PM Hershey PA US
57 The University of Texas at Austin 102 E. 24th ST FNT 1st Fl (Across from the elevators) Monday, Thursday 4 PM Austin TX US
58 Texas A&M University (TAMU) - Medical Research & Education Building II Building MREB2 in the MPIM Room 3209 Wednesday 2 PM Bryan TX US
59 University of Massachusetts (UMass) Amherst Morrill Science Center III Room 221, in the postal room adjacent to the Biology main office Tuesday 12 PM Amherst MA US
60 Johns Hopkins University - Bayview Campus Entrance floor of the Asthma and Allergy building, around the corner from the elevators Wednesday 2 PM Baltimore MD US
61 Cambridge Institute for Medical Research (CIMR) Ground floor reception at the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research Daily 1:15 PM Cambridge UK
62 University of Southampton Reception, Life Sciences Building 85, Highfield Campus Tuesday 11:30 AM Southampton UK
63 Weill Cornell Medicine 5th floor’s breakout space at the Belfer Research Building of Weill Cornell Medicine Wednesday 4 PM New York NY US
64 University Enterprise Labs (UEL) 1000 Westgate Dr. Suite 126 Monday 3:30 PM St. Paul MN US
65 University of Wisconsin, Madison - DeLuca Biochemical Laboratories Building Room 318, HF DeLuca Biochemical Laboratories Building, 433 Babcock Dr Daily 2:30 PM Madison WI US
66 Wageningen University Helix, Building 124 at Goods Delivery (room 0055) Wednesday 12 PM Wageningen Netherlands
67 Vienna BioCenter Campus (VBC) VBC6 building foyer Tuesday 10 AM Vienna Austria
68 CRUK-Cambridge Institute At the CRUK-CI Goods-in window. Samples from outside the institute can be left at reception Daily 1 PM Cambridge UK
69 University of Saskatchewan Health Sciences supply centre Tuesday, Thursday 11 AM Saskatoon SK Canada
70 University of Tennessee-Knoxville 6th floor corridor of the Mossman building near the windows Wednesday 1 PM Knoxville TN US
71 Arizona State University (ASU) Biodesign Institute Building A, lower level by the elevator Wednesday 8AM Tempe AZ US
72 Auburn University Dept of Biological Sciences, outside Rouse 332 (The CapituLab), by the small coffee table in the hal Thursday 1 PM Auburn AL US
73 Auburn University - Veterinary School Griffett Lab in Greene Hall outside of Room 202 Thursday 1 PM Auburn AL US
74 Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB) - Max Delbrück Center (MDC) for Molecular Medic BIMSB reception Monday 2 PM Berlin Germany
75 Brown University Bio-Med Grimshaw-Gudewicz Building, 5th floor, next to printer copier Wednesday 2 PM Providence RI US
77 Camena Bioscience The Science Village at the front entrance in the dropbox shelving unit Daily 1 PM Saffron Walden UK
78 Center for Integrative Biology (CBI) Reception of the institute, 118 route de Narbonne, Toulouse Cedex 09 Tuesday 12 PM Toulouse France
79 Centre for Structural Systems Biology On the reception desk next to the other sequencing dropboxes Monday 4:30 PM Hamburg Germany
80 Chan Zuckerberg Biohub (CZB, CZbiohub) INTERNAL USERS ONLY Friday 12 PM San Francisco CA US
81 Colorado State University Outside of lab MRB 371 Thursday 10 AM Fort Collins CO US
82 Concordia University Outside lab 320.00 on the third floor of the GE building Tuesday 1 PM Montreal QC Canada
83 Cornell University Upper floor of the atrium of the Biotechnology building Thursday 11 AM Ithaca NY US
84 Creighton University Criss III health science building, 2nd floor Monday 1 PM Omaha NE US
85 Cytovia Therapeutics AND ABI-LAB incubator Entrance of the building Thursday 12 PM Natick MA US
86 Dalhousie University 7th floor Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building, room 7P at the end of the hall Tuesday 11 AM Halifax NS Canada
87 Duke University 0 floor of CARL, in front of CARL0018 (Right next to the GeneWiz dropbox) Wednesday 2:45 PM Durham NC US
88 Duke University - Chesterfield Building NC Biolabs - The Chesterfield Bldg 4104, 2nd floor Tuesday & Thursday 10 AM Durham NC US
89 Duke University - French Family Science Center Field room 3320 in the French Family Science Center (3rd floor) Monday 3 PM Durham NC US
91 Emory University - Health Sciences Research Building I 3rd floor of HSRB I in front of the elevators Thursday 2 PM Atlanta GA US
92 Emory University - Whitehead Biomedical Research Building 4th floor of Whitehead located in locker 5171 in front of the Bassell lab in room 415 (second door) Tuesday 4 PM Atlanta GA US
93 ETH Zürich - Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering Office 4.48 (Federica Filice), BSA 1058, 4th floor Thursday 11 AM Basel Switzerland
95 European Molecular Biology Laboratory Heidelberg (EMBL-HD) EMBL users: Central Store Pickup Fridge (room 220) - External users: EMBL reception (main entrance) Wednesday 1 PM Heidelberg Germany
96 Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) EPFL - SV 0409 (Mailroom to the left of the SV Magasin) for information contact Every other Tuesday 2:30 PM, calendar on dropbox Lausanne Switzerland
97 Furman University In the mail area of the chemistry office (236 Plyler Hall) 1st of each month 12 PM Greenville SC US
98 Georgetown University Regents Hall, 2nd floor, outside of Room 201 (enter Regents Hall from the 1st floor, south entrance and take the stairs up one floor. Regents 201 is to the right) Daily 12 PM Washington DC US
99 Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research Lab Nr: 01.238 RSYN Thursday 8:30 AM Wurzburg Germany
100 Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) - Janelia Research Campus 3W copy center Tuesday, Friday 3 PM Ashburn VA US
101 Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) SL building, second floor, (outside main door to room SL206-216) Wednesday 1 PM Indianapolis IN US
102 Institut Curie-Centre de recherche BdD building, behind the front desk, next to the printer Thursday 2:30PM Paris France
103 Institut de Recherches Cliniques de Montréal (IRCM) Corridor outside room 2015 (2nd floor); outside users: main entrance at 110 Avenue des Pins Ouest Wednesday 3 PM Montreal QC Canada
104 Institut Jacques Monod Up to the main hall and there’s a small room that’s always unlocked where we have sample pick-up Wednesday 1 PM Paris France
105 Institute for Cancer Research (ICR) Ground floor reception area of 237 Fulham Road (The Institute of Cancer Research/Chester Beatty Laboratories) Daily 1 PM London UK
106 Institute of Human Genetics (IGH) At the entrance of the IGH next to the other dropboxes Tuesday 2 PM Montpellier France
107 Johns Hopkins School of Medicine - Department office JHMI, the hallway outside of Hunterian 705 Daily 3:30 PM Baltimore MD US
108 Johns Hopkins School of Medicine - Miller Research Building Miller Research Building (MRB) 3rd floor Daily 3:30 PM Baltimore MD US
109 Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) Einthovenweg 20 (building 2 LUMC), 1st floor, Zone T, in the cabinet at the coffee table Thursday 1 PM Leiden None Netherlands
110 Louisiana State University (LSU) Health (LSU HS) In the Molecular Signaling Core located in the LSU Health Shreveport Medical school's B-building, room #3-330 Monday 1 PM Shreveport LA US
111 Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich Room D03.035, Faculty of Biology Wednesday 6 PM Planegg-Martinsried BY Germany
112 Lund University A12 at BMC (Sölvegatan 17), in the reception corridor Thursday 11 AM Lund Sweden
113 Iowa State University The box will be located on a table outside of room 3138 in the Molecular Biology Building (2437 Pammel Dr.) on the Iowa State campus Wednesday 12 PM Ames IA US
114 Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Heart and Lung Research (MPI-HLR) At the entrance of the MPI-HLR Thursday 11:30 AM Bad Nauheim Germany
115 Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Terrestrial Microbiology Room B1.06 (cold-room) Wednesday 10 AM Marburg HE Germany
116 Medical College of Wisconsin Outside Room 6072, MACC Fund research Center, lab of Dr. Anthony Zamora Wednesday 2 PM Milwaukee WI US
117 Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Outside the Biochemistry main office on the 5th floor of the Basic Sciences Building Thursday 3 PM Charleston SC US
118 Michigan State University (MSU) - Life Sciences Building Second floor on the bridge connecting IQ and the Life Sciences Building Wednesday 3 PM East Lansing MI US
119 National Institute of Aging in Baltimore 251 Bayview Boulevard, 1st floor landing Daily 4 PM Baltimore MD US
120 National Institutes of Health (NIH) - National Cancer Institute Building 41 right outside of room C901 on the loading dock Daily 12 PM Bethesda MD US
121 North Carolina State University Partners II outside Room 2106/2109 (Centennial Campus, 840 Main Campus Drive) Monday 12 PM Raleigh NC US
122 North Carolina State University - North Campus, Chemistry/Biochem Dabney Hall, outside room 311 (2620 Yarbrough Dr. Raleigh, NC 27607) Wednesday 3 PM Raleigh NC US
123 North Dakota State University (NDSU) Walster Hall 3rd floor, right at the skywalk to Loftsgard Wednesday 2 PM Fargo ND US
124 Northwestern University (NU) Feinberg School of Medicine Ward building, 9th floor, before the Ward 9-250 space on the left Wednesday 4 PM Chicago IL US
125 Ohio University College 227 Irvine Hall, mailroom, right of photocopier Tuesday 11 AM Athens OH US
126 Oklahoma State University (OSU) - Stillwater Campus Room 323 in the Life Sciences East building Thursday 12 PM Stillwater OK US
127 Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF) Cold room in Bell building room B224 Thursday 2:30 PM Oklahoma City OK US
128 Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) - Knight Cancer Research Building On lab bench 2055.A2 on the second floor of Knight Cancer research building Tuesday, Thursday 12 PM Portland OR US
129 Oregon State University (OSU) - Biomedical Technology Development and Dissemination (BTDD) Center The Agricultural Life Sciences (ALS) building on OSU's campus, in lab 2119 on the 2nd floor, just left of the doorway. Tuesday, Thursday 10 AM Corvallis OR US
130 Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) DNA Sequencing Cooler (lobby of 5th fl, CCW) Monday 10 AM Ottawa ON Canada
131 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) In Bay 3 next to the window in BSF 2226 (external users email for dropoff) Thursday 11 AM Richland WA US
132 Penn State University On the second floor of the Huck Life Sciences building, at the top of the stairs on the second floor to the right in front of the window Monday 10 AM University Park PA US
133 Princeton University - Frick Chemistry Building Fridge in Frick 301 between final two lab benches Thursday 2 PM Princeton NJ US
134 Princeton University - Hoyt Laboratory Building First floor of Hoyt in the hallway front of office 126A. Thursday 2 PM Princeton NJ US
135 Purdue University Lilly Hall, Room G-213 Tuesday 2 PM West Lafayette IN US
136 Queen Mary University of London - School of Biological and Behavioural Studies QMUL School of Biology and Behavioural Sciences, G.E. Fogg Building, 3rd floor Daily 1 PM London UK
137 Queen's University Across the hallway from the Biology main office, Biosciences Complex room 3111 Wednesday 10 AM Kingston ON Canada
138 Ramón y Cajal Health Research Institute (IRYCIS) Edificio Consultas Externas (Piramidín), planta 0, Laboratorio de Microbiología. Tuesday 11:30 AM Madrid Spain
139 Rutgers New Jersey Medical School In front of MSB H626 (Rohacs lab) Wednesday 11:30 AM Newark NJ US
140 Rutgers University Nelson Labs, Room B324 Monday 2 PM Piscataway NJ US
141 Saarland University - Campus Homburg CIPMM, Building 48, Main entrance hall Wednesday 11:00 AM Homburg SL Germany
142 South Dakota State University McFadden Biostress Building, 2nd floor on a cart right outside room SNP 242 Tuesday 3 PM Brookings SD US
143 St. Jude Children's Research Hospital On the side of room M6164 Thursday 1 PM Memphis TN US
144 St. Louis University Doisy Research Building, Edwin Anton's lab DRC 551 Daily 3 PM St. Louis MO US
146 State University of New York (SUNY) - Upstate Medical University Basement hallway between Weiskotten Hall and Weiskotten Hall Addition Tuesday 3 PM Syracuse NY US
147 Stowers Institute for Medical Research Internal users only: located at the Sequencing sample submission station on B1 Thursday 10:30 AM Kansas City MO US
148 Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Biosustain Goods Reception, Building 220, Kemitorvet (check-in at reception or knock at the door) Wednesday 10 AM Lyngby Denmark
149 Technical University of Madrid - Polytechnic University of Madrid/Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Reception of the Centre for Plant Biotechnology and Genomics Tuesday 1 PM Madrid Spain
150 Technical University of Munich (TUM) - TranslaTUM Klinikum rechts der Isar der TU München, Bau 522, Raum 22.00.340 Monday, Thursday 10 AM München BY Germany
151 Texas A&M University (TAMU) - Center for Phage Technology Rm 437 in the Center for Phage Technology Tuesday 3 PM College Station TX US
152 Texas Tech University Room 213 Entrance, Experimental Sciences Building 2, Institute of Genomics for Crop Abiotic Stress Tolerance (IGCAST) Monday, Thursday 3 PM Lubbock TX US
153 The Crick Institute L03NE Lift Lobby Daily 1 PM London UK
154 The Sainsbury Laboratory (TSL) John Innes Centre Reception Tuesday, Thursday 2 PM Norwich UK
155 The University of British Columbia (UBC) LSI Stores, B2.226 – 2350 Health Sciences Mall Tuesday & Thursday 12 PM Vancouver BC Canada
156 Tome Biosciences A plastic bin at the deliveries rack located just past the 100 Talcott Avenue entrance Thursday 4 PM Watertown MA US
157 Tufts University In the hallway outside of lab double doors as you step out of the main/passenger elevator Wednesday 12 PM Medford MA US
158 Université de Genève Faculty of Science, Sciences III, Level 1, opposite room 1047A, next to the elevators 1st and 3rd Tuesday 2 PM Geneva Switzerland
159 University at Buffalo 4th-floor corridor opposite Room No. 4250 (sitting area of the Surtees Lab members) Tuesday 2 PM Buffalo NY US
160 University College of London (UCL) - Institute of Prion Diseases (MRC Prion Unit at UCL) (MRC Prion Unit Access Only) Courtauld Building, lab 2.05 Daily 1 PM London UK
161 University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) MCLM 907, on the wall under the mail center Wednesday 4:30 PM Birmingham AL US
162 University of Arizona Room 831 of the Marley Building, in the walk in fridge on the east side Wednesday 2pm Tuscon AZ US
163 University of Arkansas In the Biological Sciences office, Room 601 of the Science and Engineering Building (SCEN) Wednesday 12 PM Fayetteville AR US
164 University of California, Davis (UCD) 1st Floor lobby of Green Hall (605 Hutchison Rd) outside Room 1002 Tuesday & Thursday 2:30 PM Davis CA US
165 University of California, Irvine (UCI, UC Irvine) Outside the Wiles lab 3336 McGaugh Hall Friday 2 PM Irvine CA US
166 University of California, San Diego (UCSD) - Leichtag Biomedical Research Building Leichtag Biomedical Research Building, 1st floor lobby by the elevator Friday 12 PM La Jolla CA US
168 University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) 2nd floor entrance to Sinsheimer Labs Wednesday 12 PM Santa Cruz CA US
169 University of Chicago Building KCBD, 1230H, under the shark sign Monday, Wednesday 12 PM Chicago IL US
170 University of Colorado-Anschutz Medical Campus On the 10th floor in the cabinet across the hall from room L18-10114 (near the southwest corner of the building) Monday 2 PM Aurora CO US
171 University of Colorado at Boulder - Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology MCDB Copley Lab (room B151) Monday 4 PM Boulder CO US
172 University of Colorado Boulder - East Campus JSCBB B450 Tuesday, Thursday 1:30 PM Boulder CO US
173 University of Connecticut (UConn) - Health Molecular Core The room is located in the ground floor of B building (Comparative Biology Tower/ aka Animal tower) , BG004. Thursday 5 PM Farmington CT US
174 University of Connecticut (UConn) Biology Physics Building (BPB) 2nd floor lobby Monday, Thursday 1 PM Storrs CT US
175 University of Copenhagen 2nd floor in front of the elevators, Dep. of Plant + Environmental Sciences Friday 1 PM Frederiksberg C Denmark
176 University of Copenhagen - Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine 6th floor of the Panum building 18, outside lab door and placed on top of a table Monday 10 AM København N Denmark
177 University of Denver Room 388, 2101 E Wesley Ave Thursday 3 PM Denver CO US
178 University of Dundee MSI-2, next to office 2 L3-504 Wednesday 10 AM Dundee UK
179 University of Edinburgh - Institute of Genetics and Cancer (IGC) The pickup will be reception at the Institute of Genetics and Cancer Wednesday 4 PM Edinburgh UK
180 University of Florida - Academic Research Building (ARB) Outside RG-136 on the ground floor of the ARB, in the automated door side corridor Tuesday 3:30 PM Gainesville Fl US
181 University of Florida Outside room 1298 in the Micro/Cell Science building (981) Thursday 4 PM Gainesville Fl US
182 University of Florida, Genetics Institute (UFGI) - Cancer Genetics and Research Complex (CGRC) Genetics Office (entry of rm 105) Tuesday 3 PM Gainesville Fl US
183 University of Glasgow Reception area of BHF Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Building (GCRC) Wednesday 12 PM Glasgow UK
184 University of Guelph Outside of Summerlee Science Complex 2204 Friday 11 AM Guelph ON Canada
186 University of Hong Kong 1/f Laboratory block near the cargo lift outside L1-36 Tuesday 12 PM Pok Fu Lam Hong Kong
187 University of Illinois - Institute of Genomic Biology (IGB) On a shelf in the IGB’s Receiving department Monday 2 PM Urbana IL US
188 University of Iowa Department of Biology Administrative Office in Room 143, Biology Building Tuesday 12 PM Iowa City IA US
189 University of Kentucky Room 256 of the Plant Science Building Wednesday 3 PM Lexington KY US
190 University of Liverpool Biosciences building foyer Wednesday 2 PM Liverpool UK
191 University of Manchester - Manchester Institute of Biotechnology Post room next to the main entrance of the MIB Wednesday 12 PM Manchester UK
192 University of Manitoba Desk opposite Room 309, Basic Medical Sciences Building Thursday 10 AM Winnipeg MB Canada
193 University of Maryland, Baltimore Building HSF-1 room 380 Daily 2 PM Baltimore MD US
194 University of Maryland, College Park In the administrative office, room 1202, immediately across the hall from the main entrance Daily 1 PM College Park MD US
195 University of Massachusetts Medical School (Umass) Biotech II Outside Suite 213 in Biotech2 at 373 Plantation Street Tuesday 3 PM Worcester MA US
196 University of Missouri - Division of Biological Sciences Rm116 Tucker Hall Tuesday 12 PM Columbia MO US
197 University of Montana Health Sciences Building, Secor Lab, Room 515 Friday 10 AM Missoula MT US
198 University of Montreal Security desk, Pavillon J.-Armand-Bombardier Friday 12 PM Montreal QC Canada
199 University of Nebraska Medical Center Buffet Cancer Center, 10th floor outside 10.12.431 Wednesday 3 PM Omaha NE US
200 University of Nebraska-Lincoln E119, Beadle Center, receiving dock Tuesday, Thursday 2:30 PM Lincoln NE US
201 University of New Mexico U New Mexico Health Sciences Campus (UNM HSC) in Fitz Hall (RFH), room 347 ("MGM Office") Thursday 1:30 PM Albuquerque NM US
202 University of North Carolina (UNC) 6th floor of the Mary Ellen Jones Building, to the left of the main office (Room 6008) as you come out of the front elevators Wednesday, Friday 4 PM Chapel Hill NC US
203 University of Oregon (UO) Onyx Bridge mailroom, room 279 on the second floor Daily 9 AM Eugene OR US
205 University of Pittsburgh - Brodsky Lab Inside the Biological Sciences department office, room A234 Langley Hall Monday 2 PM Pittsburgh PA US
206 University of South Dakota - Sanford School of Medicine West Bay, in front of the de la Puente lab (between rooms 1250 and 1251) Thursday 12 PM Sioux Falls SD US
207 University of South Florida - Moffitt Cancer Center SRB 3rd Floor, Room 23314, Bay A1 Tuesday 3 PM Tampa FL US
208 University of South Florida Outside of Interdisciplinary Sciences Building Room ISA6014 Tuesday 3 PM Tampa FL US
209 University of Texas (UT) Bioengineering and Sciences Building, suite BSB11.102 Wednesday, Friday 1 PM Richardson TX US
210 University of Texas (UT) Southwestern Medical Center - North Campus McBrayer lab in NL11.110K, just outside the entrance to the tissue culture room Wednesday 4 PM Dallas TX US
211 University of Texas (UT) Southwestern Medical Center - South Campus On the cabinet outside J6.126 (Building J, floor 6, room 126) Thursday 2 PM Dallas TX US
212 University of Toronto - MaRS Centre West Tower 16th floor elevator lobby, MaRS Centre West Tower Tuesday 9 AM Toronto ON Canada
213 University of Toronto - Medical Sciences Building Biochemistry Department office, Medical Sciences Building Room 5207 Tuesday 9 AM Toronto ON Canada
214 University of Turin In the reception of the Molecular Biotechnology Center Thursday 12 PM Torino Italy
215 University of Utah Crocker Science Center, Room 120G Wednesday 3 PM Salt Lake City UT US
216 University of Victoria UVic Science Stores Tuesday, Thursday 11 AM Victoria BC Canada
217 University of Virginia (UVA) Pinn Hall 4th floor, across from the South Elevator Wednesday 3:30 PM Charlottesville VA US
218 University of Warwick Life Sciences store at the School of Life Sciences Tuesday & Thursday 10 AM Coventry UK
219 University of Wisconsin, Madison - AVRL (AIDS Vaccine Research Laboratory) AIDS Vaccine Research Laboratory (AVRL),Room B018 Daily 2 PM Madison WI US
220 University of Wyoming Science initiative building Room 2030E, next to the fax machine Tuesday 11:15 AM Laramie WY US
221 Uppsala University BMC D7:3 corridor Tuesday 1 PM Uppsala Sweden
222 Utrecht University Entrance of the Kruyt building (Hugo R. Kruytgebouw, Padualaan 8, 3584 CH Utrecht) Wednesday 12 PM Utrecht Netherlands
223 Vanderbilt University (VUMC) On the wall between T2209 and T2219 in MCN Wednesday 2 PM Nashville TN US
224 VaxEquity Behind the entrance door of the lobby of Building 204 at the Cambridge Science Park Daily 1 PM Cambridge UK
225 Vector BioPharma Hochbergerstrasse 60C, room C1_15 Thursday 2 PM Basel Switzerland
226 Washington State University SGAH Allen Center 101 (240 SE Ott Road) Tuesday & Thursday 11 AM Pullman WA US
227 Washington University in St Louis (WUSTL) (WashU) outside CSRB room 7701 Daily 3 PM St. Louis MO US
228 Weizmann Institute Meyer building, floor 2, outside room #209 Wednesday 11 AM Rehovot Israel
229 Western University Outside Medical Sciences Building (MSB) 437 Tuesday 12 PM London ON Canada
230 Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR) Outside room 6148 Daily 2:15 PM Madison WI US
231 Yale - Main Campus 194B Yale Science Building (mail room) Wednesday 12 PM New Haven CT US
232 Yale - Medical Campus Clinic Building (CB), 4th floor in front of the elevators Monday & Thursday 1 PM New Haven CT US
233 York University In the Biology Stores Wednesday 2 PM York UK
234 Allen Institute - South Lake Union Front desk at 615 Westlake Avenue North Wednesday, Friday 1pm Seattle WA US
235 Eastlake Seattle In the 1616 Eastlake Garage Daily 1pm Seattle WA US
236 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Reseach Center Outside room B2-175 in the Weintraub building Daily 1pm Seattle WA US
237 Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) Loading dock in the alley behind the building Daily 1pm Seattle WA US
238 Pacific Northwest Research Institute In the lobby at 720 Broadway Daily 12:00 PM Seattle WA US
239 Seattle Children's Research Institute loading dock at 1920 Terry Daily 1pm Seattle WA US
240 Seattle Children's Research Institute Back alley loading dock of 307 Westlake Ave N Daily 1pm Seattle WA US
241 University of Washington - Institute of Protein Design MOLES (Molecular Engineering & Sciences) building loading dock Daily 1pm Seattle WA US
242 University of Washington - Medical Center K-wing loading dock (enter driveway to Health Sciences Building K-wing, turn right into loading dock area) Daily 1pm Seattle WA US
243 University of Washington - South Lake Union Loading dock - E building Daily 1pm Seattle WA US
244 Boston University 6th floor near freight elevators Daily 3 PM Boston MA US
245 Boston University (Boston U) (BU) Medical Campus In the lobby of the fifth floor of the K building (Silvio Conte) Daily 3 PM Boston MA US
246 Boston University - National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories 620 Albany Street, and the easiest way to get to this 'Neidl Gatehouse' is via East Newton Street Daily 3 PM Boston MA US
247 Brandeis University Outside the Rosbash lab, room 2-26, on the 2nd floor of the Shapiro Science Center. Tuesday, Thursday 3 PM Waltham MA US
248 Broad Institute Rear of 415 Main St - Loading Dock entrance Daily 3 PM Cambridge MA US
249 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 1st floor lobby of the Mayer Building of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, by the elevators. Daily 4 PM Boston MA US
250 Harvard - Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Ground floor lobby by the doors Daily 4 PM Boston MA US
251 Harvard Medical School - Longwood Lobby at the Blackfan Circle entrance of the New Research Building Daily 4 PM Boston MA US
252 Harvard University Northwest Labs, outside the door to Rm 440 Daily 4 PM Cambridge MA US
253 Labcentral (March Therapeutics) (Internal use only) In the receiving room through the green receiving door on the Main street side of 700 Main street Daily 4 PM Cambridge MA US
254 Labcentral 238 Main St 5th floor lab coat closet, across from the bathrooms Daily 4 PM Cambridge MA US
255 Manus Bio Outside Suite 230, 43 Foundry Avenue Daily 3 PM Waltham MA US
256 MIT - Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES) E25 Building, Room 339, 400 Main St, MIT Department of Biological Engineering Daily 4 PM Cambridge MA US
257 MIT Koch - Koch Institute For Integrative Cancer Research Bldg 76 (Koch Institute) Room 446 (4th floor) Daily 4 PM Cambridge MA US
258 Nabla Bio, Inc Outside suite 102 on a stool Daily 3 PM Cambridge MA US
259 Northeastern University Outside of room 220A in the Mugar Building Monday, Thursday 3 PM Boston MA US
260 Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard 9th floor by the elevator doors Daily 4 PM Cambridge MA US
261 ReNAgade Therapeutics In the loading dock of 640 memorial drive, down the hall past the security desk, on the left after passing through loading dock doors. Daily 3 PM Cambridge MA US
262 Tufts Launchpad Biolabs Outside the elevator doors Daily 4 PM Boston MA US
263 Voyager Therapeutics 1st floor mail room, 64 Sidney Street Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 4 PM Cambridge MA US
264 Whitehead Institute Currently not accessible externally due to COVID restrictions Daily 4 PM Cambridge MA US
266 BioLabs at NYULangone Outside the elevators on the 6th floor (180 Varick St, 6th Floor) Daily 5 PM New York NY US
267 Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) - Russ Berrie Building 4th floor of Russ Berrie Building at the Columbia Medical campus Daily 1 PM New York NY US
268 Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) - Hammer Health Sciences Hammer Health Sciences building, 7th floor, between 2 elevator doors Daily 1 PM New York NY US
269 Columbia - Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute Lobby, 3227 Broadway Daily 1 PM New York NY US
270 Helaina - The Cure Building 26th street side entrance area Daily 4 PM New York NY US
271 Icahn Mount Sinai School of Medicine (MSSM) Icahn 13 floor room 26 ( entrance on 1425 Madison Avenue) right outside the lab. Daily 1 PM New York NY US
272 Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) - Rockefeller Research Laboratories (RRL) RRL building, 3rd floor coldroom (RRL 312) Daily 3 PM New York NY US
273 Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) - Zuckerman Research Center (ZRC) ZRC – 1, near the vending machines in the mail box area. Daily 3 PM New York NY US
274 New York University (NYU) - Genomics Core Facility NYU Genomics Core Facility, CGSB 8th Floor Daily 4 PM New York NY US
275 New York University (NYU) - Langone Science Building On the second floor by the elevators Daily 4 PM New York NY US
276 New York University (NYU) - Langone's Smilow Comprehensive Prostate Cancer Center Smilow Building, 10th Floor 1007K Daily 4 PM New York NY US
277 Rockefeller University The drop box is located outside room 507 in the Hospital building. Daily 3 PM New York NY US
278 Baylor College of Medicine - Alkek Building 6th floor of BCM, in front of S636 Daily 3 PM Houston TX US
279 Rice University outside of 306 Keck Hall Daily 3 PM Houston TX US
280 Texas Medical Center Outside MSB1.400 (1st floor of the Medical School Building) Daily 3 PM Houston TX US
281 University of Rochester The hall in front of the Biological Supply Center, the supply center is located in the School of Medicine and Dentistry, on the ground floor, room G-8633 Thursday 1 PM Rochester NY US
282 Columbia Morningside outside office 8M, NorthWest Corner building, 550 West 120th Street Monday, Thursday 1 PM New York NY US
283 Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute In the lobby, next to the stairs on their left, on a bench across from the security desk Daily 3 PM Houston TX US
284 University College Cork Reception area at the BioSciences Institute (BSI) Wednesday 12 PM Cork N3 Ireland
285 Hofstra University Gittleson Hall, 3rd floor, outside Room 302 Thursday 4 PM Hempstead NY US
286 Washington University in St Louis (WUSTL) (WashU) - Danforth Campus Outside McDonnell Hall room 254, east end of the second floor of McDonnell Hall Daily 3 PM St. Louis MO US
287 Kyungpook National University - College of Agriculture and Life Sciences ROOM 321, Agricultural College Building 1 Friday 12 PM Daegu South Korea
288 University of Massachusetts - Chan Medical School (UMass Med School) 9th floor mailroom, Lazar Research Building LRB9-924 Friday 10 AM Worcester MA US
289 Babraham Research Campus Drop Box Unit, Outside Main Stores Counter, B560 Daily 1 PM Cambridge UK
290 IRB Barcelona - Cristina Mayor's Laboratory Targeted Protein Degradation & Drug Discovery lab, EM01B24, Floor:1, Room: B24 Wednesday 4 PM Barcelona Spain
291 Aarhus Universitet The box is located in building 1873, room 521 Tuesday, Thursday 2 PM Aarhus Denmark
292 4basebio The box is located in reception, under the table. What3words is: ///propelled.loaf.asterisk Daily 1 PM Cambridge UK
293 Harvard Seeley G. Mudd Building (SGM) The dropbox is in the vestibular space in the SGM Daily 4 PM Boston MA US
294 University of Oklahoma - Norman Oval Room 225 Wednesday 12 PM Norman OK US
295 Cyrus Biotechnology 1st floor lobby right by the security guard station Daily 1 PM Seattle WA US
296 Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research Outside Lab E-425, 4th floor of building 3999 Côte-Sainte-Catherine, Pavilion E Tuesday 2 PM Montreal QC Canada
297 Children's National Medical Centre for Cancer and Immunology Research The dropbox will be in the Receiving Department Loading Dock at 111 Michigan Ave NW Daily 12 PM Washington DC US
298 McMaster University Container inside IIDR office Tuesday 3 PM Hamilton ON Canada
299 Duke University - CIEMAS CIEMAS room 1138 Tuesday, Friday 9 AM Durham NC US
300 University of Vermont (UVM) The red letterbox on the wall outside room 301 in Stafford Hall Tuesday 12 PM Burlington VT US
301 University of Edinburgh - King’s Buildings Campus In the foyer of the Michael Swann Building Wednesday 1 PM Edinburgh UK
302 University of Alberta MBSU, which is room 5-047 of the Centennial Center for Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS2) building Thursday 11 AM Edmonton AB Canada
303 University of Sheffield Bio Distribution Store, Room B59 in the Edwardian Building. Edwardian Building is at the back of Firth Court and Bio Distribution Stores. Thursday 10 AM Sheffield UK
304 The University of Tokyo 4-6-1 Komaba building 4, Room 418 (Does not accept samples via postal mail, any received will be discarded) Friday 1 PM Tokyo Japan
305 Badische Anilin und Soda Fabrik (BASF) The goods reception which is at the ‘back-door’ of the building Tuesday, Thursday 10 AM Gent Belgium
306 J. Craig Venter Institute Outside, to the right of the front door to the J. Craig Venter Institute Thursday 3 PM La Jolla CA US
307 University of Alberta - Heritage Medical Research Centre (HMRC) Main Flow Cytometry Core Lab located in the Heritage Medical Research Centre (HMRC 667) Wednesday 1 PM Edmonton AB Canada
308 Tune Therapeutics The dropbox is in the common corridor located in the Tune Therapeutics suite Daily 1:30 PM Seattle WA US
309 Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden) On the first floor in the MTZ building, part A, inside room A.10.046. Alternative location: Drop it off in the mailbox in front of the room A.10.046. Thursday 9 AM Dresden Germany
310 Charles University Near the university entrance; take a right turn after coming through the entrance Tuesday 2 PM Prague Czech Republic
311 University of Cambridge - Department of Biochemistry In the Department of Biochemistry reception lobby of the Sanger building Daily 2 PM Cambridge UK
312 Boston College - Chemistry Department The lower level of the Merkert Chemistry Center, Outer Loading Dock (rm 034) Daily 3 PM Chestnut Hill MA US
313 University of Missouri Room 175 Biological Sciences Building (BSB) Thursday 12 PM Kansas City MO US
314 National Jewish Health Mail cubby outside room K519 (Goodman Building) Wednesday 3 PM Denver CO US
315 Carnegie Institution for Science On the left door of building 200 Thursday 2 PM Stanford CA US
316 National Institutes of Health (NIH) - National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Building 35A, ground floor, Pod A, at the end of a hallway labelled towards Building 37 and Loading Dock Daily 12 PM Bethesda MD US
317 Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) - Harvard Medical School On the lateral side of the building by the wheelchair accessible exit Daily 3 PM Boston MA US
318 Washington University in St Louis (WUSTL) (WashU) - Couch Building On the 4th floor right outside the main elevator Daily 3 PM St Louis MO US
319 National University of San Martin (Universidad Nacional de San Martín) On desk in entrance of Instituto de Investigaciones Biotecnológicas (IIB) Thursday 12 PM San Martín AR-B Argentina
320 Pfizer - Pearl River B200 of the Pfizer Pearl River Campus, in the hallway opposite from Room 3301 (not an open campus). Wednesday 9 AM Pearl River NY US
321 Altos Labs UK At the main entrance reception desk Daily 1 PM Great Abington UK
322 Laronde Bio In the loading dock at 101 South Street Daily 3 PM Somerville MA US